Storage & Networking

Table Store


Alibaba Cloud Table Store is a scalable and fully managed NoSQL database service based on automatic data partitioning and load balancing technologies. Based on SSD technology, this cloud NoSQL database service enables you to store large quantities of structured and semi-structured data with real-time access, strong consistency and single-digit millisecond latency.

Table Store is an ideal fit for applications that require high memory and throughput such as IoT, games and mobile applications.





“The elasticity and scalability provided by Alibaba Cloud ECS ensures that our IT infrastructure can flexibly expand alongside our business growth. What’s more, Alibaba Cloud Table Store offers a convenient and flexible storage solution to efficiently handle massive volumes of data.”


Highly Available

  • Automated failure detection and quick failure recovery.

  • Guaranteed service availability of 99.9%.


  • Multiple cloud data backups and provides quick recovery in case of backup failure.

  • Guaranteed service reliability of 99.9999999%.


  • Automatic partitioning and SSD based technologies.

  • Offers processing capacity of over 10,000 queries per second for each node in the cluster.

  • Provides seamless scaling of applications hosted on the cloud.


  • Easily scales reserved resources based on real-time application hosting needs.


  • Authenticates each request to prevent unauthorized data access to NoSQL servers.

  • Offers user-level data isolation, access control and permission management.

  • Built-in technologies to mitigate DDoS and CC attacks on NoSQL servers.


  • Allows reserve resources for each table based on estimated data throughput.

  • Easily scales reserved resources based on an applications’ real-time needs

Easy to Use

  • Offers RESTful API, web-based Management Console and SDKs for multiple programming languages.

  • Complete product documentation such as Developer Guide, API references for developers.