Elastic Computing

Container Service

Alibaba Cloud Container Service is a fully managed cloud container management service that enables you to efficiently run and manage Docker applications on a distributed cluster of Alibaba Cloud ECS instances. It replaces the need to install, operate and scale your container cluster infrastructure. Being a fully-managed service, Container Service helps you to focus on your applications rather than managing container infrastructure.




  • Supports one-click creation of container clusters

  • Enables orchestration of applications using Docker Compose templates

  • Facilitates graphical user interfaces and OpenAPIs


  • Offers configurable access to ECS servers running containers

  • Lets you customize security groups and VPC subnet rules

  • Launches containers on your ECS instances and ensures a high level of isolation

Protocol Compatible

  • Compatible with standard Docker APIs and the Docker ecosystem

  • Supports seamless migration of applications to dockerized cloud platforms

  • Interoperates with APIs for third-party scheduled task delivery and system integration

  • Supports multiple hybrid cloud scenarios


  • Able to start massive containers in seconds

  • Supports different workloads including web/mobile, HPC, event-driven, etc

  • Lets you in seconds easily launch as many Docker containers as needed