Database Services

ApsaraDB for MongoDB


Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB is a secure, reliable, and elastically scalable cloud database service. It currently supports the ReplicaSet and Sharding architectures and can be quickly deployed in just a few steps.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB’s highly available service includes automatic monitoring, backup, and disaster tolerance capabilities. This frees you from time-consuming database management tasks and lets you can focus on your applications and core business.


1. Reliable Storage

  • Built based on Alibaba Cloud Apsara distributed file system and SSD high-performance storage.
  • Three-node ReplicaSet architecture, ensuring redundant data storage.
  • Periodic automatic backup, ensuring reliable data storage.

2. Elastic Scaling

  • Supports both the ReplicaSet and Sharding architectures.
  • Nodes of the ReplicaSet and Sharding can be upgraded or downgraded as required to scale resources.
  • The number of mongoses and shards in Sharding instances can be scaled out at any time.

3. Professional Services

  • Senior Alibaba Cloud technical team members available to provide professional services to boost security and resource elasticity.
  • Optimized kernel for performance, security, and other dimensions managed by the source code team.

4. Cost-effective

  • Cost-effective with no upfront cost or long-term commitment.
  • Offers flexible payment options including Monthly Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go.


Product Details

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB provides full O&M (operations and management) solutions for automatic deployment, creation, monitoring, backup, and recovery.

The database product supports the ReplicaSet and Sharding architectures and can be elastically upgraded or degraded based on resource consumption.