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Deliver online content to end-users anywhere in the world on Alibaba Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network). With 530 nodes distributed across the globe, Alibaba Cloud CDN enables users to effectively reduce website response time to milliseconds, ensure smooth video streaming and handle large volumes of traffic.

As a low-cost and scalable service, Alibaba Cloud CDN comes without any long-term contracts or minimum usage commitments.

China CDN

Expand your online presence with Alibaba Cloud CDN in the China region. Alibaba Cloud's 500 CDN nodes in China provide unsurpassed coverage for servicing the vast China market. In order to deploy a website on a CDN in Mainland China you will need to first apply for an ICP License. Alibaba Cloud has a dedicated team of bilingual experts to help guide you through the ICP License application process.

Customer Testimonials





"We needed a local CDN service to speed up our assets and user sites, and we tried all major CDN providers in China. According to my benchmark results, Alibaba Cloud wins on the number of edge servers, average response time, average download speed in all major ISPs and provinces. It also has developer-friendly API for us to automate our solution."




"The Alibaba Cloud CDN service provides comprehensive support for Alipay financial services. The encrypted HTTPS access improves the Alipay user experience and effectively ensures the security of users' personal and sensitive banking information."



  • Using simple custom configuration options, Alibaba Cloud CDN allows you to add, delete, modify and search query domain names on your own.

  • Supports customizing anti-leech measures, cache policies, HTTP request headers, and other functions.


  • Provides flexible features like auto scaling.

  • Website traffic spikes are handled automatically.

  • Reduces load on origin site.


  • Alibaba Cloud CDN has 500 CDN nodes located in China and more than 30 CDN nodes around the globe.


  • Pay only for what resources you use.

  • No long-term contract or minimum usage commitment.

Easy Payment Methods

  • Follows a “use-first, pay-later” model.

  • Provides different billing options such as “Pay-By-Traffic" or "Pay-By-Bandwidth" to suit different business requirements.


  • Supports a massive storage capacity of up to 1.5PB.

Fast Content Delivery

  • Enables website response time in milliseconds.

  • Ensures smooth video streaming.


Product Details

The Alibaba Cloud CDN is built to automatically handle spikes in traffic, reduce load speed on your origin site and support storage capacity of up to 1.5 petabytes.

With its low latency and high data transfer rate, the Alibaba Cloud CDN directs user requests to the most suitable node based on network congestion to retrieve content in the most efficient manner. The CDN has a high performance cache system built with powerful clusters of servers to maximize throughput. The CDN relies on an intelligent object heat algorithm and hierarchical ‘hot’ cache resources for precise resource acceleration.


Fast Content Delivery

Improves availability of CDN servers or nodes with high-speed read/write storage using SSDs. Accelerates content distribution with page optimization and smart compression technologies.

  • Page optimization removes spaces, line breaks, TABs, annotations, and other redundant page content to reduce page size.

  • Smart compression reduces size of the content and accelerates content distribution.

Reduces response time by collapsing multiple JavaScript/CSS files into a single request.

Advanced Scheduling

  • Reduces complexity by supporting millions of domain names with a single machine.

  • Ensures high availability with multi-level scheduling policies.

  • Simple and easy to use. Coordinates security systems, refresh systems and content management systems using multi-system interaction techniques.

  • Enhances user experience with real-time data scheduling option and advanced traffic predictions.


  • High-speed audio and video downloads using acceleration feature for on-demand and live streaming media.

  • Quick and easy integrated solution which includes media storage, slicing and transcoding and access authentication.

  • Smooth playback experience delivered through on-demand audio and video incremental service.

  • Easy deployment with support for MP4 and FLV video formats.

  • Enhanced security of media resources with resource link authentication and custom authentication keys.

Integration with Other Alibaba Cloud Services

You can seamlessly integrate Alibaba Cloud CDN service with other services to improve data transfer speed and easy content distribution. Below are the benefits of using CDN service with other Alibaba Cloud services:

  • Works seamlessly with Object Storage Services (OSS) to accelerate speed and reduce cost for content distribution.

  • Effectively works with Elastic Compute Service (ECS) to increase content availability, protect original content and reduce bandwidth consumption.

  • Works efficiently with Server Load Balancer (SLB) to distribute load when origin site goes to source address to access data.

Easy-to-use Console

The console is user friendly and allows smart deployment of CDN servers or nodes with custom configurations. You can use the console to achieve the following:

  • Add, delete, modify or send query for domain names.

  • Set policies for acceleration of cache nodes.

  • Deploy anti-leeching features.

  • Update “http” header information according to your business requirements.

  • Deploy acceleration and optimization functions.

Simple and Easy to Use APIs

  • CDN API works well with the Management Console to provide flexible and convenient CDN services to users.

  • CDN API enables precise deployment and accurate monitoring of CDN domains and distribution of resources.

  • CDN API can be programmatically used with other Alibaba Cloud products to build customized portals.


  • CDN service provides full network monitoring with rich data analysis and resource report.

  • CDN service provides in-depth monitoring information including data on bandwidth usage, traffic patterns, popularity analysis, and security reports.