Database Services

ApsaraDB for Redis


ApsaraDB for Redis is an automated and scalable tool for developers to manage data storage shared across multiple processes, applications or servers.

As a Redis protocol compatible tool, ApsaraDB for Redis offers exceptional read-write capabilities and ensures data persistence by using memory and hard disk storage. ApsaraDB for Redis provides data read-write capabilities at high speed by retrieving data from in-memory caches and ensures data persistence by using both memory and hard disk storage mode.

ApsaraDB for Redis supports advanced data structures, which are not readily achievable via databases such as leaderboard, counting, session, and tracking.


1. Compatible

  • Provides Redis hosting which is compatible with open-source Redis protocol.

  • Rapidly deploys Redis-compliant cache services

  • Provides infrastructure provisioning and easy maintenance of cache software

  • Compatible with existing tools or clients like Jedis.

2. Easy to use

  • Easy to use Management Console

  • Enhanced visibility into queues with monitoring statistics

3. Scalable

  • Quickly allows to add or delete storage capacity/cache nodes.

  • Adjust storage capacity without interrupting application services.

4. High Availability

  • Automatically detects node failure and replaces failed nodes.

  • Offers master-slave dual node backup architecture without service interruptions.

5. Reliable

  • Provides high-speed data read-write capabilities.

  • Ensures persistent data storage using memory and hard disk storage mode.


Product Details

ApsaraDB for Redis supports a variety of data types. These include strings, lists, sets, sorted sets, hash tables and many other advanced functions such as transactions, message subscription and publishing.

During heavy read operations, ApsaraDB for Redis accelerates applications by storing cached objects in queues to minimize latency during regular operations. ApsaraDB for Redis is ideal for applications such as social networking, gaming, media sharing, Q&A portals and compute-intensive workloads.

ApsaraDB for Redis offers master-slave replication and multi-AZ deployment, which helps to achieve better data availability. The product also offers master-slave dual node backup architecture without any service interruptions.


Simple Key Value Storage

  • Facilitates quick deployment of services.

  • Provides multiple views of monitoring statistics which can be managed from Alibaba Cloud Management Console for hosted Redis.

  • Supports multiple data operations to meet complex user requirements.


  • Compatible with open-source Redis database.

  • Compatible with all data types defined in open-source Redis protocol, including string, hash, list, set and sorted set.

Elastic Expansion

  • One-click storage capacity expansion: Allows you to scale storage capacity up or down in real time through Management Console (the function should be enabled via request during the public beta version of the ApsaraDB for Redis).


  • Eliminates interruptions caused by single point of failure (SPOF) using master-slave dual node for every instance.

  • Automatically detects any kind of failure in hardware and quickly provides recovery options to restore the service.


  • Provides high-speed data read-write capability.

  • Ensures persistent data storage by using memory and hard disk storage mode.

  • Offers excellent backup services using master and slave dual nodes.

Smooth Transaction Operation

  • ApsaraDB for Redis supports transaction function defined in the Redis protocol.

  • Implements atomic operation, which consists of multiple commands sent from a single client.

Advanced Message Notification Mechanism

  • Enables message Pub/Sub function by decoupling the publish client and subscribe client based on event notification mechanism.

  • Implements interconnections among multiple clients in hosted Redis.